Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to Cinema South Dakota

Howdy! I'm just getting started here with a new blog that will chronicle the history of filmmaking in South Dakota.

As a photographer at the South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development since 1993 I have observed many film crews at work in the state. I've been on the set of major motion pictures and participated in filming television commercials. I've also always been curious about the projects that happened before I was around to be a part of them.

One thing I have not come across is a comprehensive history of these projects, so my hope is that eventually this blog will become that. With access to the resources of the South Dakota Film Office, I should be able to provide a unique insight into the history of South Dakota on the Silver Screen.

What I'm not here to do is debate any of the state's policies on promoting or funding film projects, discuss whether various locations are more or less important to South Dakota's film industry, or anything else of a political nature. This is strictly for fun and to compile the history into a somewhat central location.

So, if you've got some fun stories from any or all movie and television projects here in South Dakota, please feel free to comment or contact me. I'd love to hear those stories that are out there, but haven't been published.

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