Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the Days of '75 and '76

Had a chance the other day to meet Wayne Panaanen of Lead, who has worked for many years now to collect historical film footage of the Black Hills and South Dakota. His company, Historical Footprints, does video production work in the Lead/Deadwood area.

Wayne has a copy of "In the Days of '75 and '76," which I saw some brief clips from. We talked about historical inaccuracies in films and he pointed out that this early Black Hills movie has Wild Bill Hickock's killer Jack McCall competing with Hickock for the hand of Calamity Jane. The idea that there was a romance between Hickock and Calamity Jane has long been debated, but I have never heard that McCall figured into that storyline at all. Chock it up to another Hollywood invention.

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