Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ironmaster - Guerra del ferro

"Ironmaster - Guerra del ferro" is part of the history of movie making in South Dakota. Other than that, I have no reason to recommend this tale of cavemen/barbarian warfare from 1983.

There are a handful of scenes of a lone warrior running through the buffalo herd in Custer State Park. The majority of the film appears to be shot in Italy by it's Italian crew.

For me, the poster artwork is the best part of the whole film.

I apologize for not knowing enough Italian or French to decipher why the title of the film on the VHS copy I have and the poster above are slightly different. I take it that all versions mean "The Ironmaster."

UPDATE 1/30/17 - It is amazing how things pop up that you didn't expect. I just found out that one of my high school classmates ran through the buffalo herd alongside star Sam Pasco in "The Ironmaster."

Here are Marnie Hermann's memories that she posted on Facebook along with video of her run. -

"Before 'Dances With Wolves' the bison of Custer State Park were featured in the, um, film 'Ironmaster.' Now that I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations has passed, here's some footage of me and the lead actor running through the herd. I, at 16, was a body double for the lead actress. We had to do several takes, because I wasn't running 'like a woman.' The stampede where the lead actor, Sam, almost got gored, also was shot that morning. We were told to use our cars to cause a we did. There were several Custer people playing extras. I was the only child actor, though. I think the rest of the guys were loggers."

" It was October and I ended up with influenza a couple of weeks later. Silver lining...I don't get the flu anymore. Super immune system!"

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