Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Social media at it's best

Okay, I guess this is how social media, blogging, etc. is supposed to work - I posted the South Dakota Film Festival logo here a while back to help promote attendance at the festival.

Video game artist BlindOwl found it here and decided it would make an interesting looking race car. So with some creativity applied, he came up with this.

The car is for use in the video game "Nascar Racing 2003" and BlindOwl posted it at I've done my share of race car "painting" for the game also, so came across it there.

So now the South Dakota Film Festival,, BlindOwl, the video game, and have all cross-promoted themselves. Wow, that's some weird twists, but a cool thing just happened I think.


  1. Pretty cool stuff there Chad! Thanks for posting this up! It brought me here to see your new site! You have really taken to this blogging thing quite well!

  2. Thanks Robert, I guess blogging keeps me out of trouble. Seems to be a few people out there who must enjoy what I post.