Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bigfoot, so many questions

Okay, I admit it. Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to see the SyFy movie "Bigfoot" that is set in South Dakota's Black Hills. It's pretty much what I expected - horrible.

However, it is interesting to see what kind of effort the movie makers put into creating the illusion that they shot in South Dakota. Apparently mainly filmed in the Seattle, WA area, they used background shots of Deadwood, Rapid City and Mount Rushmore.

Really bad and "not-so-special" effects place their extra-large Bigfoot in these South Dakota scenes.

Wait, haven't we seen a giant gorilla climbing on an iconic American landmark while battling aircraft before? Can anyone say "King Kong?"
Yep, that's Deadwood.

But why are we seeing an empty alley in downtown Rapid City?

Why are the police cars clearly marked "Fairborn" on the doors, but have added-on South Dakota license plates?

It's amusing to watch the badge on Sherilyn Fenn's hat change from scene to scene. Sometimes it says U.S. Marshal, sometimes it says Deputy Sheriff.

Why is Alice Cooper in this movie?
Yep, that's 1970s TV stars Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams channeling a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece "North By Northwest" on the top of Mount Rushmore.

Finally, have to show a closeup of the title star just because.

"Bigfoot" - watch at your own risk or decide you've seen enough here.

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