Friday, August 9, 2013

You can help save the American drive-in theater experience

This summer may be it for a lot of drive-in theaters. If they do not convert to digital projection systems many will not be able to show current movies next year. Honda is offering a great program called "Project Drive-In" to help save outdoor theaters.

South Dakota has two drive-ins hoping to have Honda donate a digital projector and help keep them open - the Winner Drive-In Theater in Winner and the Pheasant Drive-In in Mobridge. You can help in several ways, but the main one is go the Project Drive-In website and VOTE for the theaters. You can vote once per day from each email address you may have.

With the Starlite Drive-In in Mitchell already announcing they will close at the end of the summer, we would hate to see more go out of business.
At the Project Drive-In website you can also donate to a save the drive-ins fund, spread the word through social media channels, check for the possibility of Honda's Pop-Up Drive-In Tour visiting a town near you, and learn about drive-ins across the country.

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