Friday, April 10, 2009

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

Not filmed in South Dakota, but set here, Disney's "The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Band" also held it's national premiere at Rapid City's Elks Theater on June 7, 1968.

The story was adapted from Laura Bower Van Nuy's book "The Family Band," which told of not only her family's band, but their move to Rapid City and Keystone in the 1880s. Much of the movie centers around the presidential election between Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison.

In the DVD's special features, lead actress Lesley Ann Warren says the movie was made at the Disney Ranch outside of Los Angeles. There is certainly no scenery in the film that made me think anything was done in South Dakota. This scene represents Rapid City's main street.

Digging through archival records at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center did turn up the premiere information and that Disney gave away a trip for two to Rapid City for the first showing. You can still see films in the historic Elks Theater. Check for show times at Elks Theatre.


  1. How interesting that you should post about this movie...I hadn't thought about it for 40 years (I remember going to see it in the movie theater with my older brother), but just a week ago I was going through some old files at the State Library and came across a folder full of clippings about the premiere. Now, here it is again in my RSS reader...what a coincidence!

    By the way, the State Library has a fascinating bunch of old clippings about movies made in SD. Come over an look at them some time...

    Dan Siebersma

  2. Thanks for reading and for the offer Dan! I'll be stopping over to see what you've got.

  3. I was in the summer band that played at parades and events during the summer - and we played at the Premier of the Movie in Rapid City and I remember meeting Leslie Ann Warren - exciting for a 16 year old - who remembered her from other Disney movies.