Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dances sites headed to YouTube

Several "Dances With Wolves" filming locations and what they look like now will soon make their way to the internet video site YouTube thanks to French documentarian Herve Attia.

As a hobby, Attia visits sites where famous films were made, records the sites in their present condition, and blends his video footage with the original films to create unique internet videos.

Attia visited sites in Spearfish Canyon, ranches near Sturgis, Rapid City and Pierre this week to re-film iconic scenes from Kevin Costner's epic western movie from 1990. Today he visited the North Ridge Ranch southeast of Pierre and the Triple U Ranch north of Fort Pierre.

Here he captures the location of the large farmhouse in the "Dances" opening Civil War scenes.

Attia and an assistant assemble a "Glide Cam" to record a steady video of himself running across the field where Costner years ago rode his horse in the movie. Attia's reference photos lay on his camera bag.

Attia said it will take about two months before his compositing work will be done and the "Dances With Wolves" tribute will appear on his YouTube channel.

While in South Dakota, Attia also planned to record scenes for upcoming tributes to "North By Northwest" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" at Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

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