Saturday, September 10, 2011

One more set of Dust of War photos

Primary filming on "Dust of War" wrapped up this week outside of Pierre, but I've got one more batch of photos to show off.

Actor Bates Wilder seems to be contemplating his role as the "General" before shooting begins.

Residents of the general's camp run after a food truck.

Armed with machine guns and a microphone-wielding sound crew, another truck rolls through a scene.

All sorts of weaponry is utilized throughout the film.

And yet another movie vehicle, this time a classic Ford Mustang muscle car.

You can learn more about this film at the official "Dust of War" website. A few minutes of teaser footage will be shown during the South Dakota Film Festival in Aberdeen next week.


  1. Looking good, as always Chad! Thanks again for taking and sharing such great photos. LOVE how that Mustang shot turned out!