Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bigfoot and Mount Rushmore?

If you are here reading this you probably realize I like movies and especially those that feature South Dakota. My close friends know I'm also a Bigfoot/Sasquatch fan.

So I must love the SyFy channel's movie "Bigfoot" with the legendary creature stomping around Deadwood and Mount Rushmore, right? Honestly I haven't seen it yet but from what I've read it might be just best left to the imagination. I'm pretty positive it wasn't actually filmed in South Dakota and it sounds pretty bad.

So the best part of the film might be that it stars two 1970's pop icons that could be mortal enemies - Barry Williams (Greg Brady from the "Brady Bunch") and Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge from the "Partridge Family.") Not to mention rock star Alice Cooper playing himself.

That is a pretty cool "B Movie" poster though, don't you think?

If you are really interested in more, you can check out the review at


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